School Age (K-5) Program

School Age Room

Transportation to and from Sullivan Elementary School is provided for school age children. Children will not be transported to nor picked up from any other location. The parent will be required to sign a Transportation Agreement with Sullivan Preschool and Sullivan Community Unit School District #300 which defines the responsibilities of all concerned.

An afternoon snack is served upon arrival at the center after school. Children will have time for relaxation and recreation as well as opportunities for quiet activities and to do homework. Sports, art, and music activities will be available. Children will have opportunities for individual, small group, and large group activities.


The child must have a regular schedule of attendance. The minimum enrollment is 2 days per week. Please notify us if your child will not be attending on his/her regularly scheduled days, or if there is to be a change in the schedule. It is imperative that we always know exactly which children are to be picked up from school each day.

Please notify the public school that your child will be attending our after-school program and the scheduled days of attendance.

A copy of the child’s most recent school physical must be provided for school age children.

School age children will not be allowed to leave the center unaccompanied to go to another location.


In the event of early dismissal from the public school, we will pick up the children enrolled in our program. We will provide a full-day program for the children on public school vacation days and snow days. A summer program for school age children is offered each year.