Policy on Guidance and Discipline


Sullivan Preschool will utilize positive discipline and guidance techniques so that children will be provided with a safe, happy, comfortable environment. The purpose of discipline is to help children develop self control, and to teach children that each person is responsible for his own actions. It is the adult’s responsibility to provide discipline so that a child may grow and learn to get along comfortably with others.


Definite guidelines for behavior are established so that children know what is expected of them. This helps them to feel secure.

Limits and consequences will be clear and understandable to the child, consistently enforced and explained to the child before and as part of any disciplinary action. When discipline is necessary it will be carefully applied so that the child still feels that he is an important and worthwhile person. Children will be handled lovingly.

When there is a specific plan for responding to a child’s unacceptable behavior, all staff who affect the child will be aware of the plan and cooperate in its implementation.

Involving parents

Parents will be provided with a copy of this discipline policy. If a child, for some reason, is not responding to techniques used, we will ask for a conference with the parent to explain the child’s behaviors and the discipline techniques used. The parent and the teacher together will develop additional techniques that will be used. The teacher will keep a log of the child’s behaviors, the discipline used, and the outcome. The teacher will maintain contact with the parent to further discuss progress or lack of progress.

Involving children

Guidelines for behavior and consequences will be explained to the children before and as part of any disciplinary action. The teacher will help the children to understand that the guidelines provide for a happy and safe place for all children. Preschool and school-age children will have reasonable opportunity to resolve their own conflicts.

Disciplinary issues as a cause for termination of enrollment

Sullivan Preschool will make every effort to meet the needs of individual children and to provide a happy, safe environment for all children. When behaviors exist which do not respond to the positive discipline techniques of Sullivan Preschool, the teacher will meet with the parent and together they will develop additional techniques in an effort to help the child to respond appropriately.

In the event that the teacher and the parent together are unable to resolve the inappropriate behaviors exhibited by the child, Sullivan Preschool will notify the parent that we will seek professional assistance through the Sullivan School District. This may include having a behavior specialist observe the child and develop a behavior modification program.

If, after these attempts have been made to meet the child’s individual needs, the child demonstrates inability to benefit from the type of care offered, or whose presence is detrimental to the group, Sullivan Preschool will notify the parent of the intent to discharge the child from the program. When it is determined that it is in the best interests of the child to terminate enrollment, the child’s and parents’ needs shall be considered and the center will assist the parent to plan for alternate care.

Discipline techniques

  • Staff persons will give children praise, love, and positive reinforcement at all times.
  • Staff persons will respond consistently and firmly to inappropriate behaviors.
  • By misbehaving, a child shows that he needs to learn how to behave in a particular situation.
  • The staff person will use this opportunity to teach the child by explaining why the behavior was inappropriate and what the child should have done. The child may be asked to repeat what the staff person has said to be sure that he understands.
  • The staff person will help the child learn to express feelings in words and to find a new way to handle the situation that caused the inappropriate behavior.
  • Firm positive statements about behaviors or redirection of behaviors are the accepted techniques for use with infants and toddlers.
  • Removal from the group to help a child gain control will not exceed one minute per year of age.
  • Removal from the group is appropriate only for children over 24 months of age.
  • Children are not disciplined for bathroom accidents.


Discipline techniques include any form of corporal punishment, threatened or actual withdrawal of food, rest or use of the bathroom, abusive or profane language, any form of public or private humiliation including threats of physical punishment, and any form of emotional abuse including shaming, rejecting, terrorizing, or isolating a child.