Parent Responsibilities

Arriving and Departing

Entrance into the facility is possible only through the front entrance door which is activated by a touch-pad security system. Upon enrolling, the parent is assigned a 4-digit entry code of their choosing. To use the key pad entry, punch in the entry code followed by an * (asterisk). The parent may share this code with whomever they wish in order to allow others to call for their child. Also, the parent may request a change in their entry code at any time.

When bringing a child into the building or picking him up, the parent is asked to enter and exit from the office door. Please do not enter or exit from the playground entrances.

Parents must accompany the children they bring INTO the building and to the classrooms. Children should not be dropped off outside the building. The parent should be sure that a staff person sees that the child has arrived. The person bringing the child is responsible for the child until a staff person sees that the child has arrived. Upon arrival, the parent should sign in on the sign-in book. Pages in the sign-in book are arranged alphabetically according to the child’s last name. Please indicate any special needs or instructions for the day.

Parents or other authorized persons picking up a child must come into the building at the office door and sign out in the sign-out book at the front desk. Pages in the sign-out book are arranged alphabetically according to the child’s last name. The time of pick-up and the signature of the person picking up the child are to be noted next to the date. After signing out, you may go to the child’s classroom to pick him up. Please be sure that a staff person knows you are there to pick up your child. The person calling for the child assumes responsibility for the child when the staff person is alerted that the person is present to call for the child and that the child is released to that person. Before leaving, parents should check to see if their child has notes or projects to take home.

Children will be released only to their parents, or to persons authorized by the parent to call for the child. The Application and Child’s Personal Record form provides space to list persons who are authorized to call for the child.

If someone other than the parent is to call for the child on a particular day, please notify us in advance. If the person you designate is not one listed in our file as authorized by you to call for your child, then you must provide us with written authorization in the form of a note or a message in the message book, dated and signed by you, that the person you designate has your permission to call for your child.

The person calling for your child must be at least 16 years old. We will not release a child to anyone under 16 years old, even if that person is a sibling.

If the person calling for your child is unknown to the staff, then that person will be asked to provide a driver’s license or other photo identification to verify his identity before the child will be released. Please be sure that whomever you send to pick up your child is aware of these procedures. They are for your child’s protection.

When leaving your car parked in front of the building as you bring your child or pick him up, PLEASE do not leave your car unattended with the motor running. PLEASE do not leave children unattended in the car! PLEASE help us to avoid the tragedy of serious injury to a child or adult by strictly adhering to this important precaution!

Extra Clothing

Sullivan Preschool keeps an assortment of extra clothing which is used for “accidents.” If your child should wear any of this clothing home, please launder it and return it to the school as soon as possible.

Show and Tell

On the child’s first day of attendance for the week, he/she may bring something from home to share with the group for “Show and Tell.” We prefer that the item brought from home will coordinate with the curriculum topic for the week. The monthly activity calendar will include suggestions for “Show and Tell” items to coordinate with the curriculum topic. Please allow your child to bring a Show & Tell item only on his first day of attendance for the week and not on the other days.

“Super Hero” toys (Power Rangers, Batman, etc.), guns, or other weapons are not appropriate Show and Tell items, since these toys advocate violence. Please help us by not allowing your child to bring these types of toys to school.

Due to health and safety considerations, we do not permit live animals in the building.

School Bag and School Supplies

We recommend that your child be provided with a bag labeled with the child’s name to be used to carry items to and from school.

Parents may be asked to provide certain supplies for the year. A supply list will be available at the time of registration.


Please call the center if your child will not be attending for ANY reason on his regularly scheduled day.