School-age children arriving by 7:00 a.m. are offered breakfast at 7:00. A light breakfast is served to all other children at 9:00 a.m. Lunch and a mid-afternoon snack are served daily. Menus are posted on the bulletin board in the entrance way. All foods served at Sullivan Preschool meet government standards for nutritional value and serving size.

Since Sullivan Preschool must meet government regulations regarding foods served, all children will be served meals prepared at our center. The children may not bring food from home for breakfast, lunch or snacks. The only exceptions are infant formula and baby food which the parent may provide at her discretion, and in the case of food allergies or special diets, as determined by the child’s physician. A letter from the physician stating the food allergy or special diet and recommended substitutes is required. The parent may be asked to provide meals or portions of meals for a child with food allergies or requiring a special diet that cannot reasonably be provided by the center. The parent shall be responsible for the safety of food brought into the center. Perishable food shall be refrigerated immediately upon arrival. Special foods provided by parents shall be clearly labeled with the child’s name, date and identity of the food.

Children under 2 years of age are served whole milk. Low-fat or skim milk will be served to children under 2 years of age only with written instructions from the child’s physician. Children over 2 years of age are served 2% milk.

Parents may provide special treats on the occasion of the child’s birthday, if desired. However, this is neither expected, nor necessary. If you provide treats, please be aware that food brought in for this purpose must arrive unopened as packaged by the manufacturer. Home baked goods cannot be accepted. In all instances, the center will provide juice or milk. Please notify the child’s teacher if you plan to provide special treats.