A bulletin board is located in the entry area of the center. Information concerning curriculum and activities is posted. Menus for breakfasts, lunches, and afternoon snacks are posted as well as a current list of members of the Board of Directors and Corporate Members, including addresses and telephone numbers. The school’s license from the Department of Children and Family Services is also posted here.

A monthly Activity Calendar will be distributed to families noting special events, field trips, and other helpful information. The daily schedule for each group varies with the age of the children in the group. The schedule for each is posted in the individual classrooms. A description of activities for each week is posted outside the classroom doors.

Parents are encouraged to ask questions, voice concerns, make suggestions, and obtain information on the program offered to their children. A parent having such questions should request an appointment with his child’s teacher for a conference. A conference will be arranged at a mutually convenient time. If questions remain after the parent-teacher conference, the parent may request a conference with the center director. This also will be arranged at a mutually convenient time. If questions still remain, the parent may request authorization to make a presentation at a meeting of the Board of Directors.